Multifascinated – BGSU Graphic Design Senior Show – Collaborative


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“In the GD program, we have demonstrated and dominated; motivated and perforated; contemplated and caffeinated; activated and titillated; overstated and integrated; fabricated and innovated; annotated and punctuated; decorated and elevated; illustrated and captivated; generated and resonated; radiated and renovated; concentrated and recreated; propagated and cooperated; permeated and calibrated. It’s time for our work to be celebrated. We shouldn’t be underestimated. Let us show you why we’re Multifascinated.

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Multifascinated was the name for our BGSU Graphic Design senior show exhibited on May 4th of 2018. The formation of the show and its design was a large collaborative project that was completed by 28 talented BGSU Graphic Design Majors, including myself. My role was in the beginning development of the concept of the show as part of the Branding Team. The branding team came up with the name, visual direction, and the tone of the Multifascinated show.

Below shows the early process work I contributed to helping to develop the visual direction of the senior show.