Tommy’s Restaurant – Rebranding


Tommy’s Restaurant Rebranding Awarded with the Silvia Passerini Davenport Award at Bowling Green State University’s 66th Annual Undergraduate Exhibition 

The original branding for the restaurant Tommy’s was fairly simple; it merely consisted of the name of the restaurant written horizontally in a bold sans serif font, occasionally accompanied by a smiling cartoon image of a garlic character. The Tommy’s logo was redesigned because it needed a major update that better suited the character of the restaurant. The redesign incorporates a new look by using the typeface “Optima.” This typeface was chosen because it uses slightly different thicknesses within the letters, which gives the logotype a more formal feeling without loosing the playfulness and somewhat casual tone of the restaurant.

The layout of the name was changed as well, by splitting the word into two halves, and placing the second half below the first to align the letter m’s. This decision creates more visual interest within the logotype, without disrupting the flow and legibility of the name of the restaurant. Also, the placement of the logotype in various locations in which it seems to be spilling off of the page alludes to the notion that Tommy’s has endless foods to choose from, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Other elements were added to the logotype such as the changing out of the letter “o” in Tommy’s with fruit and vegetable images, and putting in a fork or spoon to take the place of the apostrophe. The idea of Tommy’s being a fresh, clean, and a variety based restaurant led to the notion of swapping out the letter “o” with these veggies and fruits. Additionally, the bold and simple colors of these fruit and vegetable icons were chosen to convey the freshness of the items served on the menu at Tommy’s.